The instruments to grow

LC INTERNATIONAL is a Professional Services company which offers to public, private, national and international professional companies the necessary support and tools to approach new markets or to intensify the existing activities on consolidates ones, developing tailor-made strategies.

It is a wide-range advice that starts from the simple identification of opportunities to the assistance in business contracts.

The world as a forced choice

Internationalization today is a strategic choice for companies that want to play a leading role and therefore grow, improve and establish themselves in new competitive scenarios, characterized by globalization and the consequent progressive increase in competition.

The main target of LC INTERNATIONAL is to provide entrepreneurs with effective tools to develop projects to support the integration, expansion and consolidation of their holdings in foreign markets. It is also the executive arm alongside the internal company team for the development of international projects.

The presence of offices abroad (U.S., Croatia, Brazil, Poland) facilitates the managing operations, from the research, to the importation and distribution of the products, to insert and consolidate the Italian brand in the targeted markets.

Founding members

Leonardo Morosini, descended from a Lombard family that has been active in the Food & Wine sector for over a century.

Cristina Scarpellini, jurist with studies completed at the Sorbonne University of Paris, with particular experience in the process of internationalization of SMEs.