LC INTERNATIONAL supports the company as an executive arm for the realization of an entrepreneurial project. The set of activities is aimed at achieving all  set objectives which entail benefits or added value to the client. Their arrangement within a finite time period separates the project from the company’s operating processes that are instead permanent or semi-permanent and are intended to produce the same product or service repeatedly. The different nature of these activities requires the development of different philosophies, attitudes and approaches for their management.

The main challenge of project management is to achieve its objectives while remaining within the scope of the typical constraints determined by the client’s situation, normally in term of cost, time and purpose (qualitatively as well).

The secondary, no less ambitious challenge is to optimize the allocation of resources and to integrate the inputs necessary to achieve the defined objectives. Finally, these challenges must be pursued by solving problems and mitigating the risks that each project, to a different extent, will find along its way.