Newtorking is emerging as a tool for the competitive growth of Italian SMEs in an international context as well. A business network proves to be an instrument able to connect different subjects and their specific skills to create synergies and opportunities for cooperation, regardless of territoriality.

LC INTERNATIONAL creates and supports enterprise networks in which companies work as one to pursuit the common goal set by the businesses within the group.

In an era of very high competitiveness, this legal form is important because it can allow Micro and SMEs overcome obstacles deriving from dimensional limits and reach a critical mass to compete globally, while safeguarding their individuality. In particular:

  • Increase productivity and competitiveness;
  • Share know-how and skills;
  • Develop greater innovative potential, creativity and dynamism;
  • Facilitate internationalization and the entry into new markets;
  • Certify the quality of one’s production process;
  • Rationalize management costs.

It is therefore a tool that generates value for each company that participates and development for the territory in which it operates.