OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Countries Markets 2020/2021 – Piedmont Multiregional






Associazione di Imprese “Winexperience


In addition to national and regional projects, the call OCM Wine – Promotion in Third Countries Markets offers the possibility to present also projects that involve companies belonging to different regions, the multi-regional ones.

Among the members of the Association of Winexperience companies, mainly formed by wineries from Piedmont, there are also companies from Emilia Romagna: in this case, therefore, given the interest shown by the different entities, LC International has chosen to present a multiregional project having as its goal the promotion of Denomination wines of the wineries from Piedmont and Emilia Romagna belonging to Winexperience.

It is the second year that the project “Winexperience: taste the tradition” takes part to the OCM Wine – Promotion in Third Countries Markets call, but last year the Lombardy wineries of the Association participated. In order to carry out the promotional, information and marketing activities foreseen by the announcement (which, we remind you, covers up to 60% of the expenses incurred – here for more information) three key countries for the world of wine have been chosen: USA, China and Canada. Considering the products to be promoted, the preventive analysis done by our project managers and the current market trends, these areas were particularly interested in deepening the knowledge of Italian wines “less mainstream” for the foreign market, but representing the Italian quality and tradition related to wine production. LC International made all the preliminary market studies, wrote and sent the project and will follow for the whole year the activities of the companies and the bureaucracy related to the announcement, relieving the Association of complex and onerous tasks.