On August 26, 2021 the MIPAAF published the directorial decree n. 376627 about the presentation of projects for the 2021/2022 campaign of the call OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Countries Markets.

If you are not familiar with the call OCM Wine – Promotion in Third Countries Markets, a very important measure for Italian wine companies, here below we explain in brief what it is about.


What is OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Countries Markets call?

The call OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Countries Markets is a measure that every year allows to finance projects related to the promotion of wine products in non-European countries in order to increase the international competitiveness of Italian producers, their wines and at the same time increase the knowledge of the territories dedicated to the wine production.


Who is the call OCM Wine Promotion 2021/2022 addressed to?

  • professional organizations, provided that they promote agricultural products among their purposes;wine producers organizations;
  • associations of wine producer organization;
  • inter-professional organization;
  • recognized protection consortia, their associations and federations;
  • wine producers;
  • public bodies with proven experience in the wine sector and the promotion of agricultural products;
  • consortia, associations, federations and cooperatives;
  • business networks composed of wine producers.


What activities are financed by the call?

There are a multitude of activities that the OCM Wine Promotion can finance. These, among other things, can be developed in one or more foreign countries.

The actions are developed under the following macro areas:

  • public relations, promotion and publicity actions;
  • participation in events, fairs and exhibitions of international importance;
  • information campaigns, in particular on the Union’s systems of designations of origin, geographical indications and organic production;
  • marketing studies to evaluate the results of information and promotion activities.


How much is the contribution granted?

Compared to the previous year, which obtained an increase in contribution of 10%, for 2021/2022 the MIPAAF has decided to return to a non-refundable contribution covering 50% of the promotion costs.


What kind of projects are funded?

  • National: the promotion focuses on national wine products;
  • Regional: with interest in the products of a single Italian region;
  • Multiregional: projects created by the union of wineries from different Italian regions.


By when should projects be submitted?

The decree published on August 26 refers only to national projects, which must be submitted by 3 p.m. on October 20 2021, under penalty of exclusion.  The projects must concern activities that will be carried out from March 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022.

We are waiting for the decrees relating to regional and multi-regional projects, which will be issued by the various regions in the coming days and will contain all the provisions and deadlines for the submission of applications, which we will report on our website.


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