Who found himself among the list of assignees of the digitalization vouchers published with the decree of June 1st 2018, to obtain the sum assigned now have to initiate the request for payment of the contribution.

As stated in the previous article, on the basis of the decree dated August 1st 2018, the deadline for submission of applications for disbursement has been extended as follows:

• From September 14th 2018 to March 14th 2019: presentation of the request for payment of the sum after having paid all the expenses;
• January 31st, 2018: the final date to finish the project expenses.



The application for disbursement must be submitted through the IT procedure provided by the Ministry (Link).  The application must be drawn up according to the model set out in Annex 3 of the DD dated 24 October 2017; this model in facsimile will be generated following the online compilation of the application by the company.

To obtain the requested contribution through the procedure, the following documentation must be attached to the application:

spending titles (purchase invoices) connected to the project to digitize business processes and modernize technology.
extracts from the current account showing the payments connected to the realization of the subsidized project;
release of suppliers of the acquired goods and services, prepared on the basis of the scheme set out in attachment no. 4 of the directorial decree October 24, 2017
report on the implementation of the project, drawn up according to the scheme in attachment n. 5 of the directorial decree 24 October 2017 and ss.mm.ii.



Once the request for disbursement of the digitization voucher has been transmitted, the amount is effectively recognized to the company within the 30-day deadline and is communicated through an appropriate provision of the MISE.

However, it should be noted that the Ministry, even after the provision of the Voucher, may proceed with further checks in order to verify the veracity of the affidavit declarations issued by the companies at the time of the request for disbursement.