The term “soft finance” generally refers to all the interventions that favor the development of companies through the granting of regional, national or Community facilities. These are financial instruments that are made available on more advantageous conditions than the traditional ones, to favor the creation, investment and development of companies, institutions, associations, through different types of subsidies: economic, financial, fiscal or with objectives training.

Companies, when planning financial strategies should be based on a constant planning of investments also in relation to the facilitated financial instruments available, which, only in this way, translate into effective means of supporting the development of their productive capacity. The use of a call for funding must be the natural consequence of the investment choices and, therefore, of growth, of the company.



There are different types of facilitated finance tools, which can be more or less functional than the needs of companies. The most common are:

  • LOST FUND CONTRIBUTIONS: payment of a sum of money against which no refund is requested.
  • FIXED TAX FINANCING: credit granted at a lower rate than the conditions applied on the capital market to primary customers, for similar transactions.
  • CREDIT GUARANTEE CONCESSION: the public body bears the costs relating to the guarantees that the beneficiary is obliged to lend to obtain financing from the banking system.

Thanks to the experience in the field, LC International offers a 360 ° service in the sector of subsidized loans to companies, following the customer in all the various phases that lead to obtaining the requested contribution. All this, with management costs among the most competitive in Italy.