OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Country Markets 2020/2021 – Abruzzo Region


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Italian Cellars Association


The Association Italian Cellars, born last year from the union of several Abruzzo wineries already part of the same ATI, has confirmed to LC International the will to take part also for the year 2020/2021 to the call OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Countries Markets opened in this case by the Abruzzo Region.

Starting from April 1st, 2021 and until December 31st, 2021, the Association, followed in the path by LC International, will continue with the implementation of promotion and information activities about the wines produced by its members in the United States of America, a country to which, given the previous results, it has been decided to add China and Switzerland as well. According to the market researches done and to the increased international capacity acquired by the Association in these years, these three markets have in fact proved to be appetizing and well suited to accept wine varieties different from the most famous Italian appellations. The results obtained in the past years by the promotional activities carried out in the USA and the consequent consolidation of commercial relations has confirmed this trend.

Besides spreading the knowledge of Italian wines with appellation, in this case Abruzzi’s ones, the OCM Wine – Promotion in Third Countries markets covers up to 60% of the information and advertising actions (creation of a website, production of promotional materials, PR activities, travels abroad, participation in fairs…) also to spread the knowledge of the Abruzzi’s territory and of its promotion methods, in order to arouse interest in the foreign trade operators also based on the feedbacks received by the activities in the past years and the analysis developed at the end of the projects.