OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Countries Markets 2019/2020 – Regional Molise






Antonio Valerio – Campi Valerio


The Molise company Antonio Valerio – Campi Valerio has been a trusted customer for years. For the 2018/2019 year, based on the ambitions of the owner and in addition to the consolidated target country Switzerland, it was decided to undertake a path of internationalization towards the USA, an area that had not yet been taken into consideration by the winery.
The results analyzed by LC International at the close of the previous OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Country Markets call confirmed an excellent response from the American public – both in the sector and not – leading to the confirmation for the 2019/2020 year of Campi Valerio’s participation in the OCM announcement with target countries Switzerland and the USA.
With new promotional actions, the winery will be able to strengthen and consolidate the relationships and contacts obtained during the first year of missions to the USA, bringing benefits in terms of image (both for the company and for the Molise area itself), recognition of the wines promoted, i.e. those from Molise with denomination and produced by Campi Valerio, and in general for Made in Italy. As far as Switzerland is concerned, the winery is increasingly established in a market that has let itself be intrigued by the wines of the Molise Region.
The marketing, promotion and advertising actions financed up to 50% by the OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Country Markets call will take place throughout 2020 and have been studied by LC International starting from an analysis of the markets, the responses obtained in previous years and the objectives and skills of Antonio Valerio, a winning mix of forces for a company that wants to succeed in new international contexts.