OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Country Markets 2020/2021 – Molise Region






Antonio Valerio – Valerio Fields


“Molise: at the heart of wine industry” is a project created by LC International several years ago for the winery Antonio Valerio and that every year is updated, modified, recalibrated to better follow the trends of the world wine market and the objectives of the company. Since the beginning of the collaboration it has been decided to develop the project thanks also to the participation to the OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Countries Markets, fundamental funding for Italian wineries interested in approaching new markets as it finances up to 60% of the expenses incurred for promotion and information activities abroad such as participation to events, incoming of foreign operators, PR activities, tastings, creation of promotional material, websites.

For the year 2020/2021 it has been decided to widen the range of activities because the winery, over time, has been able to increase its experience abroad, and also because of the results obtained for the OCM Wine – Promotion in Third Country Markets, it has been chosen to focus on more countries: USA, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Russian Federation.

With new promotional actions the winery on one hand will be able to strengthen and consolidate the relationships and contacts obtained with the previous missions in USA and Switzerland, and on the other hand it will be able to approach a new public, introducing also in UK and in Russia the wines with Molise appellation produced by Antonio Valerio, bringing benefits in terms of image (both for the winery and for the Molise area itself), of brand recognition. The activities will take place throughout 2021 and they have been studied by LC International starting from an analysis of markets, of the answers obtained in the previous years and of the winery’s objectives, making this program completely tailor made.