OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Countries Markets 2019/2020 – Regional Molise






Associazione Premium Wines


The Premium Wines Association was created by the will of some Molise wineries united by the common aim of promoting their realities in an international context. The wine context of the Molise Region, in fact, is evolving, in search of the right space in the Italian wine scene. Molise finally shows a strong desire to move away from an image that wants it small and little known region.

The project “Molise Wine Excellence” created by LC International for participation in the OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Country Markets follows this objective, moving the steps of the member companies of the Association in the USA, Switzerland, Australia and China, countries that are showing a keen interest in Made in Italy products.

Promotional missions will be carried out throughout the year, established according to the context of action, tastes and audiences of each country on the basis of a prior study by LC International. Each activity is monitored in order to know in depth the reactions obtained during the tasting of wines with Molise denomination, the incoming in the production territories, the effects that the media activities have obtained in the target countries and the contacts acquired during each event, so as to have a complete picture of the progress of the project developed.