OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Country Markets 2020/2021 – Molise Region


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Associazione Premium Wines


After the satisfactory results obtained with the project of the previous year, Associazione Premium Wines, made of several wineries of Molise, has once again charged LC International with the preparation of the new program studied for the participation to the call OCM Wine – Promotion in Third Countries Markets 2020/2021 opened by Molise Region.

The path of the project “Molise Wine Excellence” conceived for the last campaign goes on with more and more targeted and precise objectives having now also many data obtained from the promotional activities done in the last months. By studying them, together with the will of the Association, LC International has suggested to change the international target markets: if for the 2019/2020 vintage it had been decided to focus on USA, Switzerland, Australia and China, for 2020/2021 it has been decided to focus on USA, Switzerland and Russian Federation according to the feedbacks received by foreign operators and to the current market trends. This underlines how important it is to have a medium-long term plan: the analysis, in fact, allows to deepen, on one hand, the contacts already existing, while on the other hand to understand whether such a market is the ideal one for the promoted products, in this case Molise appellation wines.

It should be remembered the OCM Wine – Promotion in Third Countries markets is a fundamental facility in the wine sector as it covers with a non-refundable financing up to 60% of the expenses incurred for promotional, informative, advertising and marketing activities such as incoming of foreign operators, tastings, PR activities, creation of promotional material and websites and so on, all this in order to increase the knowledge of foreign operators about the production of companies and also to create interest towards Italian territories.