PSR 2014-2020 (FEASR): Measure 3, Operation 3.2.01 “Information and promotion of quality products ” – Piedmont Region






TAP composed by the leader Associazione di Imprese WinExperience, Consorzio Carni Qualità Piemonte and Consorzio Ovada DOCG



TAP means Temporary Association of Purpose, a temporary legal form created by several associations or cooperatives to pursue a common and project. The decision to set up an TAP has been followed by the Associazione di Imprese WinExperience, which became the leader, the Consorzio Carni Qualità Piemonte and the Consorzio Ovada DOCG for the participation in the call PSR Measure 3, Operation 3.2.01 “Information and promotion of quality products” opened by the Piedmont Region.

The three realities have contacted LC International to draft and send the project. “Piedmont and its excellence: the passion for quality” aims to strengthen the image of excellence that the Piedmontese food and wine system has always guaranteed both nationally and internationally. The TAP includes 361 Piedmontese producers actively involved in raising awareness and consolidating the image of Piedmontese production in different but complementary sectors, such as wine and livestock.

The aim of the programme will therefore be to enable the public to get to know Piedmont’s production better and to understand its qualitative excellence. The participants in the activities will endeavour to pass on their experiences, trying to generate a positive return from the various sectors in terms of the knowledge of the brands and their characteristics, while the promotion actions will focus on equalising knowledge of the various oenological and agricultural products of the region. The business aspect will also be taken care of through activities aimed at establishing and/or strengthening new or already established business relationships.