OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Country Markets 2020/2021 – Piedmont Region






Associazione WinEvolution


LC International has been following WinEvolution Association since 2019, the year in which the Piedmontese organization turned to the service company in order to start a path of internalization of its members, who until then had participated only occasionally in international events and without following a multi-year path estimated at the beginning.

The results obtained in the last year have satisfied the needs of the Association, which therefore wanted to propose with LC International a new project created for the OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Country Markets call opened annually by Mipaaf and the Regions. Considering the experience acquired in the last months, it has been decided to widen the range of promotional actions (which expenses are covered up to 60% with non-refundable financing) by implementing them not only in China and USA, but also in South East Asia, Australia, China, South Korea, Russian Federation, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, USA and United Kingdom.

The realization of actions in such different countries will allow to test on the field the interest of these countries towards the Piedmontese wines produced, determining, as a consequence, also the strategic choices of the following years. LC International will follow the economical, bureaucratic and reporting issues throughout 2021, providing the Association with a great saving of time and money.