PSR 2014-2020 (FEASR):  Measure 16, Operation 16.4.01 “Short supply chain – Lombardy region.




Promotion / Investments


Cooperativa Agricola Sant’Antonio in Val Taleggio


The Agricola Sant’Antonio Cooperative was founded in the beginning of the eighties thanks to the efforts of some farmers from Val Taleggio, a Valley in the Province of Bergamo, who, with their experience, were able to make the most of the valley’s diary products and eventually obtain the DOP certification for the Strachitunt cheese, their flagship. As main Strachitunt producers, the Cooperative has the task of preserving and protecting its originality, the genuineness of the raw materials and the productive process.

In order to continue their efforts by taking advantage of the state aid provided by the PSR programme, the Cooperative turned to LC International, which, in order to meet the company’s needs, has proposed participating in the PSR measure 16.4.01 “Short supply chains”, opened by the Lombardy Region. As the name suggests, these are contributions covering up to 50% of the expenses for the creation and development of short supply chain projects carried out through a partnership agreement between several parties. The aim of this project is to develop cooperation between companies in order to reduce the number of steps between producers and consumers, to set up new technologies to optimise the use of the offer and to create sales and promotion methods that favour direct contact with the end buyers.

LC International therefore prepared and sent the project application in order to allow the cheese producers of Val Taleggio to advantageously market their products and at the same time encourage the consumption of quality agri-food products both at regional and, later on, at national level. On the basis of the client’s needs, it has been decided to organise, on the one hand, the offer through the identification of a network of producers and, on the other hand, to organise a website dedicated to boosting the demand for food and wine products from the entire region. In addition to this, machinery and equipment have been purchased to improve productivity and set up a local sales point.