PSR 2014-2020 (FEASR): Measure 3, Operation 3.2.01 “Information and promotion of quality products” – Lombardy region








When the AS.CO.VI.LO Association (Associazione Consorzi Vini Lombardi) approached LC International, it showed a keen interest in obtaining the funds made available by the Lombardy Region call measure PSR 3.2.01 with the aim of creating projects that could allow the continuous growth of the consortia that compose AS.CO.VI.LO. In fact, now the “Wines of Lombardy” have as many as 5 DOCG, 23 DOC and 15 IGT labels and representatives of a heterogeneous series of territories. They range from the mountain viticulture protected by UNESCO in Valtellina, to the hilly areas of Oltrepò Pavese, from the morainic viticulture of Lake Garda to San Colombano, the only DOC wine in the province of Milan.

With the services of LC International, which has followed the project throughout the project from its approval by the Lombardy region to its reporting, a development has been triggered by the promotional projects launched with the call and incorporating actions such as participation in international fairs and events – to name but one, FORME. Thanks to the funds obtained (which cover actions carried out in ten months) AS.CO.VI.LO continues in the wake of the activity started in 1977: to standardize the activities of the various Lombardy wine consortia in order to channel the growth of both the company and the organoleptic growth of the products.