OCM Vino – Promozione sui Mercati dei Paesi Terzi 2020/2021 – Regionale Sardegna






Società Agricola Montespada


For Società Agricola Montespada, 2020/2021 is the second year of participation in the OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Country Markets, which is implemented thanks to the services of LC International.

If for the first project the company’s objective was to consolidate already existing contacts in USA, China and Ukraine, for a more coordinated strategy in the medium-long term it has been decided on the one hand to choose one country to strengthen further given the past results, Ukraine, and on the other hand to choose a new market to explore, the United Kingdom, in order to expand the international presence of the brand Montespada.

Until 12/31/2021, therefore, the winery will implement different promotional, informative and marketing actions in these two areas; activities that will be mostly covered by the non-refundable contribution issued in this case by Regione Sardegna and that will cover up to 60% of the costs incurred for example for the creation of a new website, tasting activities, PR, market studies, creation of promotional material, incoming of foreign operators and participation in international events dedicated to the world of wine. During these actions the producer will have the opportunity to tell to the selected targets the quality of its DOC wines, the Sardinian territory, production methods, all this in order to make foreign operators aware of the great quality of Sardinian wines and to reach new contacts which will be able to develop into business relations. During the whole period the winery will be accompanied by LC International, which will take care of the bureaucratic and accounting management of the whole project.