OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Countries Markets 2019/2020 – Lombardy Region






Associazione Made in Lombardy


The Associazione Made in Lombardy represents Lombard companies that boast a long wine-making tradition and well represent their production area. They are above all small/micro wineries that have for years been dedicated to the production of DOC wines that tell the story of their family and their land. These realities are flanked by large associated companies, representatives of the Lombard wine production all over the world

LC International has been working with the association for years, helping it to promote its members’ products abroad and planning together the plans for participation in the call OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Country Markets.

After analyzing the results of the previous years (for the 2018/2019 year two ad hoc projects had been created, one with a USA target and the other with China and Switzerland targets), to participate in the call launched by the Lombardy Region for the annuities 2019/2020, LC International, following the will of the Association, has decided to model three new programs in order to optimize global promotional activities and outline them according to the markets, studied and analyzed by LC International based on indicators such as tastes, consumption, habits, level of expenditure and many others: USA; Japan, Russia, China; Switzerland, Canada, Brazil.

As in previous years, the aim is to increase the knowledge of the association’s Lombardy products among the target consumers in the selected countries through promotional activities of various kinds (tastings, PR activities, participation in events and fairs, incoming of foreign operators in the production area, creation of promotional material and websites…), thus creating a benefit in terms of brand awareness both among foreign operators and for the wider public.