OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Countries Markets 2020/2021 – Lombardy Region






Associazione Made in Lombardy


Since 2018/2019, the Made in Lombardy Association, an entity composed of Lombardy wineries that well represent the wine quality of the territory, is accompanied at the international level by LC International, which every year studies, draws up and sends the program for participation in the call OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Country Markets opened by the Lombardy Region.

If for the year 2019/2020 it was decided, together with the will, capacity and purpose expressed by Made in Lombardy, to create two programs targeting different countries, given the results obtained it has been decided for 2020/2021 to create four programs, in order to meet the needs of individual members and to create more and more specific strategies. The projects have as target countries: USA; Russia, Norway, Switzerland, South East Asia Area; Brazil, Japan, UK; Canada, China.

The actions carried out on every single market will be diversified according to the sector studies previously carried out by LC International which focus on spending capacity, target, tastes, traditions etc., and all of them will have the purpose of increasing the knowledge of Lombardy’s wines with denomination produced by members, the territory, the brand awareness.

For those who are interested in expanding their business abroad, taking part to the OCM Wine – Promotion in Third Countries Markets call is fundamental as it facilitates wineries with non-repayable funds that cover up to 60% of promotion, advertising and information expenses, activities that allow them to obtain new contacts in the sector and subsequently open new outlets for their products.