OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Countries Markets 2019/2020 – Regional Piedmont






Associazione di Imprese Winexperience


The multi-year path of internationalization of the Piedmontese Winexperience Association continues at full speed. At the end of the 2018/2019 project “Winexperience – Piedmont”, the analysis of the results obtained during the promotional actions promoted thanks to the participation in the call “OCM Vino – Promozione sui Mercati dei Paesi Terzi” led LC International to change the market strategy studied for Winexperience, preferring to continue consolidating and expanding contacts in Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Switzerland, Canada, Norway, South East Asia, Australia and eliminating the USA.

These countries, in fact, responded more positively to the DOC, DOP and IGT wine products of the Piedmontese companies associated with Winexperience, an effect also due to the lower presence of Piedmont Region products in these markets. During 2020 the Association will continue to emphasize its products, its brands, production methods and territory to the activities established by Winexperience together with LC International, which we remind you are always diversified according to the targets, uses and tastes of the population of the chosen state previously studied by LC International.

In short, the “Winexperience – Piedmont” project presented for the year 2020 is the result of a continuous updating and improvement of strategies: in this way the path towards the achievement of the company’s objectives is more immediate and precise.