OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Countries Markets 2019/2020 – Multi-regional Piedmont






TJV Piedmont and Lombardy. Leader: Associazione di Imprese “Winexperience”


In contrast to the regional project which, as its name suggests, involves the participation of companies/bodies/associations from a specific region, the call OCM Vino – Promozione sui Mercati dei Paesi Terzi also provides for the presentation of a multiregional project, i.e. involving companies/bodies/associations from different regions.

This is the case of the project “Winexperience – Taste the Tradition” created by LC International for ATI Piemonte and led by the Winexperience Association. This is a multi-regional program because, together with the Piedmontese association, wineries in Lombardy will also take part; wineries from different areas of Italy but which share the common goal of growing their brand abroad.

For this project, given the needs of Piedmont and Lombardy companies, it has been decided to implement promotional actions in China, South Korea and the USA, all areas that are extremely receptive and which greatly appreciate Made in Italy wine products, as reported by the analysis of our area managers. As with all the projects created by LC International for participation in the OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Country Markets, diversified marketing activities will be implemented according to the characteristics of the selected markets and the habits of potential consumers. Actions will be carried out such as promotions in stores, institutional events, media relations, creation of promotional material, missions to Italy by specialized operators, with the aim of giving a greater knowledge of the wines of Lombardy and Piedmont. All this, saving up to 50% of costs with the contribution of the OCM Vino – Promozione sui Mercati dei Paesi Terzi.