Following the official publication of the national call for tenders OCM Wine Investment 2018/2019, the regions are issuing their directives for the participation; directives that slightly deviate from the national decree.

The application submission procedures must be followed by the companies or consultants scrupulously: small errors in the compilation of the requests are sufficient to cause a rejection. In addition to this, great attention must be paid to the deadlines for submitting applications for participation in the call, which in some cases may vary from region to region. Once the indicated deadline has expired, in fact, the company can not in any way advance its project application.

To make it easier to find decrees and avoid errors, we have drawn up a list with regional deadlines, linked to individual decrees.

As the publication of the OCM Wine Investment decrees is still ongoing, this is a continuously updated list.


Last date for sending the application:

If you need clarification regarding the tender for OCM Wine Investment 2018/2019 or if you need help filling out the application, do not hesitate to contact us without obligation.