The call OCM Wine Investment 2018/2019 is going to be open soon.

The Measure – with slight differences between the various Italian regions, which will issue their own local decrees starting from the National one – grants support to the wine business sector for construction work and property purchase, purchase of equipment and facility systems, purchase of IT equipment and related programs and platforms for company sales point and out-company sales points, including tasting rooms and material display and sale of wine products.

The OCM Wine Investment call is among the most important of those issued to favor the wine sector, as it helps companies grow by granting a 40% straight grant.

The opening date of the OCM Wine Investments call is variable from region to region, but within a few weeks. For this reason, as for the case of the last tender OCM Wine Promotion on Third Countries Markets, we will keep you constantly updated with our calendar.

If you are interested in attending or if you need further information, please contact us.