As anticipated by our previous article, on May 30 the MIPAAF published the decree  which officially opens the new campaign for participation in the call OCM Wine – Promotion in Third Country Markets 2019/2020. However, on 10 June the same was slightly modified. In order not to miss any updates, here we briefly explain what you need to know about the new OCM Wine – Promotion 2019/2020 call.


What is OCM Wine – Promotion on Third Country Markets call?

OCM means Common Market Organization, a coherent system of measures that allow the European Union to adequately manage the commercial market for a specific agricultural product.

For that, the EU allocates different types of funds, including those for this call, which will cover projects relating to the promotion of wine products in non-EU foreign countries, with the aim of rebalancing the European wine market to increase the competitiveness of producers.


Who can submit the application?

  • professional organizations, provided that they promote agricultural products among their purposes;
  • wine producers organizations;
  • associations of wine producer organization;
  • inter-professional organization;
  • recognized protection consortia, their associations and federations;
  • wine producers;
  • public bodies with proven experience in the wine sector and the promotion of agricultural products;
  • consortia, associations, federations and cooperatives;
  • business networks composed of wine producers.


What activities are financed by the call?

  • actions in the field of public relations, promotion and advertising, which highlight the high standards of Union products, in particular in terms of quality, food safety or the environment;
  • participations in events, fairs and exhibitions of international importance;3
  • information campaigns, in particular on the systems of designations of origin, geographical indications and organic production in the Union;
  • studies to evaluate the results of information and promotion actions.


The amount of the contribution is at most 50% of the costs incurred, a contribution which in certain cases can be integrated with national and regional funds up to a maximum of 30% of the costs incurred. In our last article we explained the types of projects that can be admitted. This decree concerns those that are valid on a national quota and can be presented by July 15, 2019. In the next days the region will publish their decrees, with provisions relating to regional projects.

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