The Lombardy Region and the Chamber of Commerce have made available to the Lombardy companies the Rinnova Veicoli call, which grants contributions for the purchase of new vehicles for commercial use with low environmental impact, for an improvement of emissions into the atmosphere and therefore of air quality in that area of northern Italy.



The call wants to encourage micro, small and medium-sized companies from Lombardy region to scrap commercial vehicles, petrol up to euro 1/l and/or diesel up to euro 4/IV included, with consequent purchase, also in the form of financial leasing, of a new vehicle for commercial and industrial use (category N1 and N2) with a low environmental impact. The grant will be up to € 8,000 per vehicle, for a maximum of two vehicles per application.



The micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with headquarter in Lombardy that want to demolish a vehicle and to buy another one of category N1 or N2 belonging to one of the following categories:

  • pure electric;
  • hybrid (petrol/electric only Full Hybrid or Hybrid Plug In);
  • exclusive CNG and exclusive LPG;
  • methane and Bifuel LPG (petrol/methane and petrol/LPG).

Companies operating in the fishery and aquaculture sector and in the primary production sector of agricultural products forming part of the “A” section of the ATECO 2007 classification and transport companies for third parties are excluded from participation.



Applications must be submitted electronically from 2.30 pm on 10/16/2018 up to 16.00 on 10/10/2019, subject to early closure in case of funds depletion.


Write us for more information and help with the preparation of the application!