Scrolling through the list of calls on our site or reading them on platforms of institutions and administrations, you will surely have come across “GAL” calls and maybe, not knowing what they are, you have passed over leaving you miss great funding opportunities. To avoid further oversights, we explain by wire and by sign what are the GALs and how to get the funds dedicated to them.


What does it mean the acronym “GAL”, and what is the gal?

GAL is the acronym for Gruppo di Azione Locale (Local Action Group), an entity (generally a group of public and private entities or directly a consortium company) that aims to promote the development of a rural area. Some examples can be the GAL Valtellina, the GAL Appennino Aretino or the GAL Terre Pescaresi, but there are dozens and dozens of them in Italy.


What doeas the GAL do?

The GAL supports local operators and administrations to reflect on the potential of the territory in a long-term perspective, through the promotion and implementation of integrated sustainable development strategies concerning the experimentation of new forms of enhancement of the natural and cultural heritage, strengthening the local economy, so as to create jobs and improve the organizational capacity of their communities. All this is called SSL – Strategia di Sviluppo Locale (Local Development Strategy).


How to participate in call dedicated to the GAL

To do all this, the PSR (in our article you can read all the information about) allocates funds dedicated to the “territory project”, or rather, to the PAL – Local Action Plan, and the GALs manage the financial contributions obtained.

To obtain these funds, of course, you must participate in the calls for proposals dedicated to each GAL (and that you can find on our page CALLS) by sending the project and the required documentation, under penalty of ineligibility and loss of the contribution and the possibilities of development of the area. In the case of admission, it will be necessary to carefully document all the activities carried out and declared in the project, so that at the end of the program everything is linear.

To facilitate this process, LC International studies the action plan, submits applications and follows up the project’s reporting efficiently, thereby obtaining the required contribution and freeing the GALs from bureaucratic problems. All at super-competitive management prices.

Write us for more information, we are at your disposal.