PSR 2014-2020 (FEASR): Measure 3, Operation 3.2.01 “Information and promotion of quality products” – Lombardy region.








Following the project created for the year 2019/2020, the AS.CO.VI.LO Association has chosen to continue its promotional activities by availing itself of the services of LC International. Thanks to the PSR measure 3.2.01 “Information and promotion of quality products” implemented in this case by the Lombardy Region, it is possible to finance information, advertising, promotion and valorisation actions on the domestic (national and EU) market. By participating in the call for proposals with the assistance of LC International, the Association aims to succeed in conveying greater knowledge and awareness of the wine labels of the Region and its territory, making it possible to gain a comprehensive understanding of the world of wine, including the culture and tradition of the places of production.

The limitations caused by the pandemic are well known, so the planned promotional actions will not replicate past years’ activities such as participation in trade fairs in attendance. LC International, together with AS.CO.VI.LO, has therefore focused on studying new ways of guaranteeing the same results as those obtained in previous promotional activities. In order to optimise the actions, for the year 2020/2021 we have decided to aim at more targeted targets such as business market operators, opinion leaders and journalists, proceeding with an intense promotional activity of a digital kind, using the funding obtained for example to create a new website, online seminars and conferences, promotional gadgets and start up press office activities.