PSR 2014-2020 (FEASR): Measure 3, Operation 3.2.01 “Information and promotion of quality products” – Piedmont region.






Consorzio Carne di Qualità del Piemonte; Associazione di Imprese Winexperience; Associazione di Imprese Winevolution


Consorzio Carne di Qualità del Piemonte, Associazione di Imprese Winexperience and Associazione di Imprese Winevolution are three great realities of the Piedmont territory and include most of the meat and wine producers of the region.

The three companies have been LC International clients for years, both for the participation in calls in the field of OCM Wine Promotion in Third Countries Markets, OCM Wine Investments and in that of the PSR, for the year 2020/2021 have expressed interest in the call PSR Measure 3, Operation 3.2.01 “Information and promotion of quality products” opened by the Piedmont Region.

LC International has therefore created and curated three different projects, each calibrated according to the capabilities of each entity, aimed at strengthening the image of excellence, quality and exclusivity that have always distinguished Piedmont’s wine and meat products; a strengthening that has both Italian and European focus and is carried out through diversified promotional activities. This measure, in fact, covers a share ranging from 50% to 70% (depending on the type of action) of the expenses incurred for information, promotion and valorization activities on the national and European markets, thus allowing the associations to increase their recognizability on different markets while limiting to a minimum the living and management costs of the documentation, completely followed by LC International.